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interview with MUYA Art, august 2020


Liu Light (given name Light, family name Liu) is a multimedia artist currently based in New York. they were born in Detroit, lived in Shanghai for two years as a young child, and grew up in Virginia, where they also went to college and was involved in the DIY arts and music scene for several years. their work spans experimental illustration, animation, books, video work, performance, and more. they have exhibited and sold their work in zine fairs and art books fairs, and performed music and poetry in venues in New York, Richmond, and DC.

notable freelance clients include The MothAvenues: The World School, Young People’s Choir, Luaka BopBooklynShout Mouse Press, and more. they earned their BFA in Painting & Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016.
they are always looking for new freelance and project opportunities, so please reach out!





resume/CV available upon request.